Choose from three different club options.  Each club shipment features three bottles of the following at 20% off:

  1. Extra Virgin Olive Oil (3)
  2. Flavored Olive Oil (2) and Balsamic Vinegar (1)
  3. Extra Virgin Olive Oil (1), Flavored Olive Oil (1) and Balsamic Vinegar (1)

Products are selected for each shipment well in advance.  This allows plenty of time to change to whatever club offering your prefer.  Simply give us a call or email to change your club selection prior to the 15th of the month before the shipment.

Each club ships every three months in May, August, November, February, and includes the following benefits:

  • 20% off on club shipments
  • 15% off any additional purchases
  • Flexibility to change clubs
  • Up to 5 complimentary tastings per member at our Los Olivos Tasting Room
  • Recommended uses, recipes, and olive oil and balsamic pairings always included
  • First notification on sales, promotions, new products

The current prices are shown below.  If you hover over the options you can see the retail price, and the discounted price of the current shipment.

*Commitment of two shipments is required at sign up.


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