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Our process Making Olive Oil

From Harvest to Bottle for 20yrs

Our Process
At Olive Hill Farm, olive oil production is our passion and we take pride in delivering the highest quality olive oil to our customers. With a rich family tradition spanning back to 2003, we have perfected our process to ensure every drop of our olive oil is nothing short of exceptional.
Hand-picked from the Source
We believe that the foundation of great olive oil starts with the finest olives. That's why we carefully select and hand-pick our olives from the same locations year after year. This dedication allows us to maintain consistency in flavor and quality, giving you a truly exceptional product.
Crafted by a Dedicated Miller
Our process is masterfully overseen by our experienced miller, who has been with us since the beginning. With unparalleled expertise, they consistently produce olive oil of the highest standard. 
Ideal Climate
Located in the picturesque Santa Ynez Valley in California, we are blessed with the perfect climate for olive oil production. The abundant sunshine and gentle ocean breeze create an ideal environment for olives to thrive, resulting in olive oil with exceptional depth and flavor.

At Olive Hill Farm, our commitment to quality has remained constant since for 20 years

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